In today's world People are more conscious about what they eat and drink and our interest is started to shift towards having Organic Products that does not contain any harmful chemicals.

The coffee what we use is not only good quality natural product but also helping the poor with a unique Community Aid Program called

"Source Aid"

We are Proud to use a Selection of Organic Products

Our Coffee

San Francisco Bay Rainforest Blend

This Certified Organic Coffee is an artful mix of coffees from all over the world that produces a smooth, yet full-bodied taste with lively floral and citrus notes.

Our Selection of Herbal Tea

Pukka is our personal favourite when it comes to drinking tea and we thought that our customers deserve the best.

We are keep having positive feed backs on our selection of herbal teas ever since we started to introduce them and customers always appreciate the exceptional quality, especially in an industry where most businesses use cheap low quality products.